TinyFlora.jpgI. Curiosities
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II. Useful and Still in Print (I think.)
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III. Oxonian Disclaimer:
Along with many other translators, he [Symons-Jeune] found it difficult to account for the fact that among Catullus' poems, interspersed with those to or about Lesbia, are epigrammatic verses attacking literary rivals and personal enemies, and (worse) that many of these verses (and, indeed, some of the poems about Lesbia) were unacceptably obscene. But where 19th c. translators expurgated, or toned down the implications of the Latin, translators of the 20th c. have been proud of their ability to match Catullus at his most lewd. It is, however, apparent that no area of language belongs more completely to its period than the colloquially obscene. Not much of the flavor of the Roman world is evoked by reading of a lover "rogering his bird" or "wanking". Another difficulty is that Catullus' obscenities often imply a sexual world very different from any that a modern scholar might inhabit.
Peter France, The Oxford Guide to Literature in English Translation.